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Café Toby Branding

Cafe Toby is a cafe with a vision of an airy, flower-filled familiarity. It looks to attract the everyday worker looking for caffeine, the young group of students looking for a hangout spot, the artist looking for a calm and quiet workspace. The interior design is inspired by a homey greenhouse + outdoor garden that has greenery and nostalgia tucked away in every corner, whether it be the chocolate chip cookies that taste just like grandma’s, or the one table in the left corner you’ve used every Sunday for the past year to do work, or the outdoor seating area where you had your first date. Even first-time visitors can immediately see the heart and passion that went towards creating this cozy cafe, from the interior design down to every little detail (like the compostable coffee cup in your hand on your way to work).

Cafe Toby’s design is based on cozy modernity. The illustrations and logo design are simple, clean lines. The motifs and imagery are driving the familiar and bright energy that is the center of Cafe Toby. When at Cafe Toby, the design and interior design encourage the visitor to feel at home. The color scheme consists of muted colors that are found both in nature and in the pastries, reemphasizing the indoor/outdoor ambiance the cafe has.